About Ratna Krishi

Abhay Minerals Product is in the field of manufacturing since 2005.We have established ourselves as a prominent manufacturer and supplier of various Organic fertilizer inputs, Bio stimulants, Zyme granules, Special vegetable tonic, Plant Growth regulators, Potassium humates, Seaweed extract, Organic pesticides, Organic fungicides, Plant growth promoters, Neem manure, Soil conditioner, Plant hormones, Nitrobenzene formulation. Etc. Our Ratna krishi products are Economical, effective & safe for Environment and ecosystem.

Our motto is to provide premium quality products strictly in conformance with the international standards. Our products are manufactured under Experts having vast experience in their respective field and research with globally acclaimed innovation.

We are also Quality and leading manufacturer of Refractive materials like Silica ramming mass, Acidic Ramming mass, Silica sand, Fireclay and Bentonite powder.Further, we also deal in metallic sulphates like Copper sulphate, ferrous sulphate, zinc Sulphate, Magnesium sulphate, Boric acid and Boron for agriculture and industrial usage.

Our Mission & Vision

We all know the harmful effect of Chemical fertilizers and Toxic Pesticides on Human health and Environment. Hence With a vision to develop organic movement in India we provide quality products to our consumers according to the modern needs of agriculture with globally acclaimed innovation.

We are inspired by our Grand Father Late shri Lal Chand Ji Kotadia Who was honoured as ‘Krishi Ratna’ by the Government of India in 1962.

Future possible services/ objectives
Popularising organic agriculture
Training methods for organic farming
Online agriculture guide/ consultancy services
To enhance public awareness about organic products
To organize organic trade fairs
Long term comparision study (farms, crops)
Research and technology development and its doccumentation.
Children welfare programme
Adoptation and certification of organic farming.

Green Zyme Granules Green Zyme is a natural bio stimulant and plant growth promoter that enhances nutrients uptake from soil and helps to improve crop and yield quality.