Animal Products

Ratna krishi provides premium quality product for aquaculture. These are wonderful absorbent and catalysts.

1. Green-Zeo Zeolite Granules
Aquaculture Grade Zeolite Granules with highest cation exchange capacity (CEC). In Aquarium Zeolite Granules acts as adsorbents and catalysts and are used to adsorb ammonia and other nitrogenous compounds.

Benifits of Green-zeo Zeolite Granules :

  • Green-zeo absorbs Ammonia and other toxic gases from water.
  • Green-zeo Removes bad odour from water and pond bottom and develops a healthy environment for the fishes to grow.
  • Green-zeo helps to increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the pond bottom.
  • Greenzeo Cleans the pond bottom as it adsorbs bacteria, suspended solids, waste and dirty material.


  • For pond preparation : 25 Kg or more per Acre.
  • During culture : 12-14 kg per Acre every 15 days (1 meter water depth)
  • Dosage and time can be adjusted based on prevailing culture conditions or as advised

Packing : 10 kg & 25 kg HDPE Bags

2. Neaty-Cats

Features and Benifits: :

  • High liquid and litter absorption.
  • Keep surrounding odourless and fresh.
  • Neautralizes toxins.
  • Maintains hyginic condition.
  • Easy to scoop and remove clumps.
  • Environment friendly product.
  • Made up of natural bentonite.

Packing : 5Kg, 10 kg & 25 kg Pace