Refractory Products

Abhay minerals product are one of the leading manufacturer of Quality Refractory materials like Pre-mix Ramming mass, Silica ramming mass, Acidic Ramming mass, Silica sand, Fireclay and Bentonite powder.

Refractories are heat-resistant materials that constitute the linings for high-temperature furnaces and other processing units. In industry, they are used to line boilers and furnaces of all types such as reactors, ladles, stills, kilns and so forth.

Ramming Mass
Abhay minerals Product offer Premixed Ramming mass at the most affordable price. Premixed gives the following benefits to the Consumers :
  • Proper mixing of binder leading to optimum mixture.
  • Only use imported Boric Acid is used to give best results.
  • Consistent and longer lining and patching life.
  • One less item in inventory.

Our superior quality Pre-mix Ramming mass is manufactured under supervision of qualified and experienced work force. Proper check is exercised on magnetic process to assure iron free Ramming mass and to assure proper composition of granules according to furnace.

Capacity – Packing 50 Kg HDPE Bags.

Silica Ramming
Abhay Minerals product offers Silica Ramming Mass that is high in purity. These are resistant to abrasion. We manufacture superior quality silica ramming mass which is acidic in nature. Our acidic ramming mass is widely used in the lining of induction furnaces.

Nature – Acidic.

Melting Point – Above 1700 ‘C .

Physical composition of commercial silica ramming mass size percentage :

  • 4 mm to 1 mm 33 %
  • 1 mm to 0.20 mm 30 %
  • 0.20 mm to 0.06 mm 17 %
  • 0.06mm & Below 20 %

Our superior quality acidic ramming mass is manufactured under experienced work force. We exercise magnetic process to assure iron free Acidic ramming mass.

Packing – 50 Kg HDPE Bags.

Cupola Ramming
Our Cupola Ramming Mass is excellent and most economical as refractory lining for Melting Zone of Cold and Hot Blast Cupolas. This material is made out of pure Silica and ceramic binders and has minimum 75% SiO2 content and grain size 0 to 5 mm. It has High temperature resistance and very good workability with many Hot Blast Cupola operators.
The mixture should be unpacked on the clean ground near the cupola furnace and mixed with shovel to bring homogeneity. Requisite amount of water should be added slowly
Mixing after adding water should again be done thoroughly. Keep this wet mixture duly covered by wet gunny bags for 24 hours to develop plasticity. Then hand balls of approximately half to one kg. May be made which is hand thrown inside cupola in proper position.

Packing – 50 Kg HDPE Bags.

Fireclay Powder
We are an eminent name in manufacturing and supplying Fire Clay to our clients. We also offer an excellent range of Fire Clay Powder which finds usage in several industrial applications including rubber, paper, paint and others as well. The offered range is known for comprising high percentages of silica and alumina. Our fire clay popular is widely appreciated for their refractory nature, excellent plasticity and ability to withstand extreme temperatures.


  • General purpose low temperature lining
  • Quick patch repairs bricks joining, setting & pointing
  • For creating dense bricks

Packing – 40 Kg HDPE Bags.

White clay Powder
We are the manufacturer of superior quality white clay powder that are used in large number of industries such as ceramics, paper, rubber, plastic, paint, cosmetics etc.

Available – 100 Mesh , 200 Mesh

Packing – 40 Kg HDPE Bags.

Bentonite Powder
Bentonite Powder we offer is an absorbent aluminum phyllosilicate and use as binder, drilling mud, absorbent, purifier and groundwater barrier. It is used in clarifying processes involving liquids like vinegar, beer, wines and others. It acts as regulator for moulding of ferrous and nonferrous metals, suitability for metal casting, in oil drilling and mining industries. The Bentonite that Abhay Minerals Product manufacture is well suited for use for various electrical earthing systems.

Packing – 50 Kg HDPE Bags.

Silica Sand
We are the quality manufacturer of White silica sand High in Silica content. Silica sand used for water purification and manufacture of glass, synthetic foundry moulding catalysts, disodium ultramarine etc. it is also used for acid heat resistant ceramics, refractories, pottery glaze, enamel etc. Silica sand of 150 mesh is used in Sawing stone, grinding and surfacing glass and polishing marble. Rounded Grains of silica sand are used for sand blasting it is also used as a filler in paints 'Wood Paste' moulded hard rubber goods, gypsum Plasters and Rangoli Making.

Packing – 50 Kg HDPE Bags.