Chemical Earthing

Abhay Minerals Products presents most adequately designed, long service life EHCC certified grounding products & service for ultimate a reliable protection from fault current. The specially designed conductor is made in accordance with IS3043:1987 code of practice & CPRI tested for extra high current & installed with DDCP installation procedure.

1. Earthman
Earthman is backfilling compound. Ground Enhancing compound It is a Bentonite clay with is an absorbent dominium phyllosilicate well suited to use as earthing compound absorbent, binder etc.

Available : in 40 kg hdpe Bags.

2. Earthing Electrode
Earthing electrode companies of primary earthing electrode (outer pipe) & secondary earthing electrode (inner pipe). The secondary electrode is included in the primary electrode.

The galvanization is performed to ensure the long life of earthing electrode to make them highly corrosion consistent. The space between the outer & inner pipe is pressurized filled with a crystallin conducting compound which ensure best conductivity during leakage current. Also the conducting compound ensure the easy distribution of leakage/ fault current if it is landed on the earthing electrode. Both the ends of the earthing electrode are permanently sealed & G.I. terminals is provided at the top with 2 holes on the terminal for connecting to load to equipment.

Available : in different size according to requirement of the place.