Agriculture Bio Products

Ratna krishi provides a broad array of agriculture bio products of eminent class and quality. These are ready to use and are also apply for manufacturing several organic and bio products. Such as Seaweed extracts, Amino acid, Potassium humate, Humic acid, Nitrobenzene solutions, Plant hormones, Plant growth regulators, Growth promoters, Organic manures, Neem cake, Neem oil etc.

11. Liquid copper
We offer premium grade Liquid copper solution Recommended for any Field Crops and Horticultural Crops. It Functions as Copper functioned as a fungicide and plant growth promoter. It is Compatible with most of all pesticides/ fungicides/PGR.

Dose - 3.00 to 4.00 ml per Litre of water.

Packing - 250 ml / 500 ml / 1 Lt / 5 Lt.

12. Neem Cake
Abhay minerals product offer pure Neem cake that is a natural Organic Fertilizer for fields, Gardens and Lawns. Neem cake is a main product of neem seed kernel and contain natural Essential nutrients.

Benifits :

  • Rich source of NPK and other Micro Nutrients.
  • Neem cake Improve organic content of soil.
  • Control Nematodes and other soil pests.
  • Neem cake improves the efficiency of other fertilizers.
  • Neem cake shows uniformity in nutrient release.

Packing - 5 Kg, 25 kg, 50 Kg HDPE Bag.

13. Neem oil
We offer Neem oil that is botanical oil extracted from kernel of Neem seed by Cold Pressing. Neem Oil is slightly soluble in water and has 6.5 to 7.5 pH value. Azadirachtin of Neem oil is a well-known natural Anti-feedent, growth regulator and repellent for insects and pests which make it a perfect substitute to chemical pesticides. Neem Oil is also used as Veterinary Medicines for Pets and Live Stock from ancient time. Neem Oil is used for preparation of various cosmetics like Hair Oils, Tooth Paste, Bathing Soaps, Face Pack, and Shampoo etc.

Packing - 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 Litre, 5 Litre.

14. Neem Seed Powder
We offer Pure Neem seed powder that is yellowish in colour. It contains Azadirachtin that is an active component of Neem and has powerful insecticidal properties. Azadirachtin Technical powder is use to manufacture Neem Insecticides. It is most powerful insect repellent, antifeedant and an insect growth regulator. It is bio-degradable and leaves no residue hence safe for environment. It provides a broad- spectrum pest control for agricultural and horticulture crops.

Packing - 1 kg, 5 Kg, 25 Kg.

15. Organic Manure
Abhay minerals product offers decomposed organic manure enriched with beneficial nitrogen fixing bacteria and decomposing organisms. It also contains neem and castor cakes and rich in humus. It is compatible with other fertilizers.

Dosage - 100 to 200 kg per acre.

Packing - 5 kg, 25 kg HDPE Bag.

16. Organic Fertilizer Granule
We offer organic fertilizer that is highly useful for organic farming. It is highly effective, economical and eco friendly product for soil application.

Benifits :

  • It contains plant nutrients derived from organic matters.
  • It increases the moisture storage capacity of soil.
  • Usually soil becomes hard by the chemical fertilizer; our Organic fertilizer makes the soil smooth and healthy.
  • It is highly effective for improving soil texture and structure.
  • Increase the organic content of soil.
  • It reduces the requirement of chemical fertilizer.

Dosage - 150 to 250 kg per acre.

Packing - 25, kg, 50 Kg HDPE Bag.

17. Soil Conditioner Granules
Our Soil Conditioner Granule provides essential nutrients to soil prevailing secondary nutrients i.e. Calcium, magnesium and sulphur which are necessary for the growth and health of plants.

Benifits :

  • It increases water absorption and uptake of other nutrients.
  • It increases the count of chlorophyll molecules in leaves .
  • It completely wipes out the causes of yellowness in crops.
  • Regular use makes the soil smoother.

Dosage - 150 to 200 kg per acre.

Packing - 25 kg, 50 Kg HDPE Bag.

18. Nitrobenzene (Liquid) 20 % & 35 %
Nitrobenzene is an organic compound with the chemical formula C6H5NO2. It is considered as the rich source of naturally available vegetable proteins. When sprayed in the fields, make the growth of a crop healthier and faster. It is used on the crop for reducing the deficiency of protein. We offer Nitrobenzene 20% and 35%. We also avail nitrobenzene with certain combinations.

Packing - 500 ml, 1 Litre, 5 Litres, 200 Litre Plastic Containers.